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There was a short wait. We were a party of two greeted by a very courteous staff. The food was excellent. Presentation is very important the presentation was good and the service had no problems. I recommend if you're in the neighborhood definitely visit for something great to eat ... read more
Lucas Wolfe via - Dec 1, 2020
Great people with great food. I have gotten the wrong food handed to me when doing a pick up order but that's partially my fault. Always check your bags before you go!
seangwaltney via - Nov 30, 2020
Great place to eat ... read more
Cindy Rickell via - Nov 30, 2020
I have eaten here a few times and it is a great place with good food affordable prices, and great customer service. Whenever I go I always ask for a waitress named Stella she has worked here for awhile now. I just love her, (I actually had her at another restaurant and when I found out she had left I was upset but then by chance I sa ... read more
Bridget Martin via - Nov 29, 2020
Excellent customer service ... read more
Shauda Nix via - Nov 28, 2020
Great food, little expensive, good atmosphere, polite waitresses and waiters.
Greg Byrd via - Nov 26, 2020
Great service and can't beat the breakfast specials ... read more
Wayne Bailey via - Nov 25, 2020
Food is pretty good no complaints however nothing to right home to mommy about.
ynvangel via - Nov 25, 2020
Always happy fast hot and yummy breakfast ... read more
Shannon Brady via - Nov 24, 2020
I ate here,all the time when I lived in md and,it was awesome,and when I come home to visit it is still awesome. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh and for covid I called ahead it was ready I'm 10 min it was awesome ppl were in masks social distance and I was out in less than a min.
nate roupe via - Nov 24, 2020
The Honey Bee Diner... Been going ...
The Honey Bee Diner... Been going there for years. Ordered from Uber this morning. It was Fantastic hot good portions packed with care. Thank You so much Honey Bee!!!
Mary P. via - Nov 22, 2020
Great food and very friendly service.
Bobby Brucksch via - Nov 21, 2020
This is by far my fav. diner and we go to many. The food is amazing and the serving sizes are huge! I had lunch and left overs for dinner. The employees are outstanding. The older waitress is super sweet. I wish i remembered her name.... I cant wait to go back.
Debra Gares via - Nov 21, 2020
The service was great and the food was expected and the 🦀 soup was fabulous .I 💘 eating there .And bother in law and I use to eat there a lot .But he is no long here he passed away in July and he loved eating here.
Dorothy Dougherty via - Nov 19, 2020
Lovely experience, social distance was outstanding and the food, wow the food so amazing. Can't wait to good back again one day.
Rodney Scott via - Nov 17, 2020
This place is breakfasts heaven i was craving country fried steak being new to the area I had to weigh my options... I picked honey bee because of the pics of fried potatoes to my delight when I called the super nice waitress suggested that I add onions to them and I knew I was in love. My food was done in 15m despite them being busy ... read more
Ikea Taylor via - Nov 16, 2020
Loved it ... read more
Kim Capers via - Nov 14, 2020
Amazing food and good service ... read more
Brodie Haskins via - Nov 14, 2020
Great food, great service. Great prices. Will be back .
Catherine Brantley via - Nov 12, 2020
For Veterans Day although they were busy they sat us down quickly for my grandfather who served and had food out so quickly. Thanks honey bee!!!
Jennifer P via - Nov 11, 2020
Really good food and value, plus open 24 hours.
Lori Williams via - Nov 11, 2020
We love Honey Bee Diner all the staff are so nice they keep you coming back,and the food is very good also.
Donald Miller via - Nov 9, 2020
Cool place to meet and catch up with coworkers. The staff was very helpful and observant. The place has a cool feel to it.
Zoe29 S via - Nov 9, 2020
Excellent service... excellent food.... even though it was very busy!
Robin Snyder via - Nov 8, 2020
Great little find, especially being open 24 hours.
Roy Young via - Nov 8, 2020
Great food good price ... read more
Myrna Ashley via - Nov 7, 2020
Good service ... read more
Byrd Necessary via - Nov 3, 2020
The Honey Bee is exactly what you want in a dinner. Counter or booth; breakfast, lunch, or dinner; and good crab soup.
Erik Sorensen via - Nov 1, 2020
Donna Show LLC via - Oct 31, 2020
I simply love the food and atmosphere ...
I simply love the food and atmosphere, but last time I went the waitress slung my plate of food across the table which spilled my drink everywhere, and walked away saying something under her breath.
Genevieve B. via - Oct 31, 2020
One of my favorite diners in Maryland. Always expedient great tasting food ... read more
Dave Smith via - Oct 29, 2020
I stopped in for an early breakfast today & was pleasantly surprised by how well the restaurant was decorated. The whole diner has this modern honey comb design, it’s super cute. The food was good and priced well but it’s definitely on par with diner quality.
Amber Kellar via - Oct 27, 2020
Food was amazing....service was great i will definitely go back...
Victoria Nigrin via - Oct 27, 2020
Best place for late night dinning ... read more
Megan Theune via - Oct 25, 2020
Best place for food around the clock.
Crooked Quarterdeck Creations Drtysalr via - Oct 24, 2020
I had a great time at Honey Bee ...
I had a great time at Honey Bee. The food was really good. The service was great. I will definitely come back again.
M T. via - Oct 23, 2020
Yummy diner place with variety of choices including all day breakfast ... read more
flor reyes via - Oct 22, 2020
Such a cute place. Everyone was so friendly. Good food ... read more
stephanie johnson via - Oct 22, 2020
Always Awesome Yummy for your tummy ... read more
Linda Mitcham via - Oct 22, 2020
We are in town from Orlando. This hands down in one of the best diners if not the best I had. Great service and great food. Oh and the prices are fair.
Lillian Mendez via - Oct 20, 2020
Delicious, delicious, delicious ...
Delicious, delicious, delicious. We truly enjoyed every bite!

This was our first experience at Honeybee, we ordered to-go, using a coupon from the local Clipper.

Packaging of all the to-go stuff was great. They supplied a lot of butter, jelly, and syrup on the side. We were able to lay everything out nicely at home and
... read more
Kendoll C. via - Oct 20, 2020
Great food, great service where I didn't have my wallet on a date and the date didn't have enough funds to pay for both of us so the restaurant allowed me to pay when I got home and that I am thankful for so I will give them a big tip the next time I go.
Gin Rosewood via - Oct 18, 2020
Great service and Great food. Waitress are very friendly.
Boo Blum via - Oct 18, 2020
It's okay. Clean looking place food was okay. Ordered a sub chicken cheese steak sub, ask for mo mayo it came with mayo but ask can they fix it but when they bought it back it was smaller with a little bit of meat.
Lisa Free via - Oct 18, 2020
Staff was great the food was great. Other then the bathroom needing a cleaning it was a great stop.
James Barnes via - Oct 17, 2020
Friendly servers, and great food! Try the sausage gravy!!
Alex Britton via - Oct 15, 2020
Outstanding late night grub! Delicious ...
Outstanding late night grub! Delicious Cheeseburgers and fries. Awesome service especially at 1am. Nope, not crawling home from the bars, but actually working late. Plenty to chose from and very clean dining area.
Bob T. via - Oct 15, 2020
Good service , great food.. and staff is perfect. Thanks for the service provided ... read more
Carlos Salas via - Oct 15, 2020
The best home cooking. Just like mom used to make!
Kelly Edwards via - Oct 12, 2020
Food was great service wasn't good for the first time since I been going their.
Asher Campell via - Oct 12, 2020
Friendly waitresses ... read more
mike mason via - Oct 12, 2020
Nice place, good food, excellent service ... read more
Ruben Villasante via - Oct 12, 2020
A home town favorite ... read more
Lori Gall via - Oct 10, 2020
Wonderful staff and great bands ... read more
ANNA S via - Oct 10, 2020
Awesome food, great portion size ...
Awesome food, great portion size and awesome service. Breakfast anytime of the day. Can't go wrong with the  cheese omelet and home fries.
Chekesha D. via - Oct 9, 2020
Food was ok ... read more
Betty Rott via - Oct 8, 2020
Very nice, always is. Waitress named Stella was very attentive and courteous.
Henrietta Giza via - Oct 8, 2020
nice atmosphere and good food ... read more
David Jones via - Oct 6, 2020
The workers are very nice and very courtesy. Atleast the 11pm to 7am crew. The breakfast is good and the prices is good.
Robert Sample via - Oct 5, 2020
Good diner menu and fantastic service.
Jordan Taylor via - Oct 3, 2020
Excellent food and awesome service, I will be back 😋 ... read more
Cassie Ingle via - Oct 3, 2020
Great food. Its everything you hope a dinner would be.
odgen73 via - Sep 26, 2020
This was a very disappointing experience ...
This was a very disappointing experience.  Ordered what was suppose to be stuffed French toast but what I was served was individual slices of grilled Texas toast with cold vanilla pudding and blueberries on top, this was not the concept of stuffed.  Plus who want hot bread with ice cold pudding on top?  The bacon was over cooked and ... read more
Daphne S. via - Sep 25, 2020
The girls are nice and seem to want to help you. The only problem that I have is the food is never hot. The coffee ☕ is good.
Joann Kronstadt via - Sep 23, 2020
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